The Estate

Quinta da Alorna The Estate

Quinta da Alorna was launched in 1723 when D. Pedro de Almeida, First Marquis of Alorna, named the estate after he conquered Alorna Fort in India. 

Near Tagus River, with ‘bela sombra’, a wonderful and rare tree in the entrance, Quinta da Alorna is known not only for wines of high quality but also for the splendor of whole estate.

With 2.800 hectares area, located in the center of Portugal, near Santarém, Quinta da Alorna has been diversifying its business fields based on the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and conservation of natural environment.

The Wines

Quinta da Alorna The Wines

Quinta da Alorna wines are made from a wide selection of the best grape varieties and produced according to the most recent vinication technology. 

With 220 hectares of vineyards, with grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, Chardonnay, Verdelho and Arinto, Quinta da Alorna produces wines with the quality, excellence and competitiveness requested by national and international markets.

Producing about 1,85 million liters of wine every year, exports are now responsible for 50% of turnover. For the future Quinta da Alorna aims at increasing sales and keeping a positive growth tendency.

Agricultural Business

Quinta da Alorna Agricultural Business

The full activity of Quinta da Alorna is based on a strategy suitable to market needs and targeted to qualication and certication, making use of procedures and standards that ensure product quality, environmental protection and job security. 

The agricultural area of Quinta da Alorna focuses on the vineyards. The culture of corn, potato, pea and onion also represents a major volume of production that is mainly destinated to industry.

With 1.900 hectares of forest, mainly of pine, cork oak and eucalyptus, Quinta da Alorna has carried out, over the years, a considerable investment in the conservation of fauna and flora.